3/20/21 Minutes

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3/20/21 Minutes

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Mike started meeting

Shooting A and B lines per day, A would be one week B the next. Shooting nights would also be split into lines of 3. So 3 shoot and 3 sit, then switch.

Adult planning zoom meeting needs to happen

Parents required to help support club functions.

Activity nights will happen, aka quiver, arrows, etc.

Need more funds coming in

Fair education poster, knowledge bowl and archery judging. Drive through drop off for educational, and virtual for knowledge and archery judging.

Fun shoot at fair.

Families can stay together during shoot night. They would be a single unit.
Liz talking to fair board, fair would like to happen but would need to have more than 75% to break even. So it may be a virtual fair.

No words on 4h for KBH camp out. Maybe on the Smith property. Maybe a club tournament though. Clout shout at Kitsap rifle range.

New budget needs approved. Officers need to be elected to approve budget.

Liz, nothing is normal this year, traditional meeting yes we would need to this. Send out another meeting to have an election next week. Can't not pay rent, but motion to pay rent until officers are elected. But contract to pay rent takes president. Once we have officers to sign rent and such.

Katie put motion to pay rent.
Lizzie seconded

Motion passed to pay rent $200/month until new officers and signers are elected

Family logins for website.

Next meeting 27th at 5pm.
Officer elections

Adults need to enroll also.

Recognize McKenzie to help keep 4h Archery going.

Riley motioned to adjourn meeting
Lizzie second