3/27/21 minutes

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3/27/21 minutes

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Via Zoom

Call to Order Time: 17:00

Roll Call: Dan Forck, Katie Forck, Liz Forck, Lis Nilsson, Mike Smith, Cora Smith, Nathan Munoz, Alex Smith, John Smith, Merrick Denham, Danielle Denham, Mackenzie Adams, Kierstyn Coleman, Brendan Binsfield, Clarence Weismaier

Opening Pledges: The 4-H Pledge and the Pledge of Allegiance were led by Alex Smith

Secretary’s Minutes: N/A

Correspondence: No correspondence

Treasurer’s Report: Mackenzie will create a draft budget.

Executive Board: The executive board discussed the budget for the upcoming year.

Old Business: No old business.

New Business:
Officers were elected, with Katie Forck as president, Alex Smith as vice president, Mackenzie Adams as treasurer, and Liz Forck as secretary.

Since Archery will be resuming at an unknown date, we will need to acquire disinfectant wipes for bows. Lis Nilsson suggested asking for donations from grocery stores.
6 feet\2meters between people will be required, as well as masks.
A&B lines will be used, with one group shooting one week and the other group the next. 5 kids will be on each line.
Mackenzie motioned to add Cora Smith to the Kitsap Credit Union bank account as a signer. Nathan Munoz seconded the motion and it passed.
Club Meetings will be held every other month.
If the county fair does not occur, a “Kitsap Youth Expo” will be held instead.
No one will be allowed to make up shoot nights on nights other than the one you signed up for. This is a matter of exposure risk, not space.

Announcements: Please log your 4-H hours.

Open Discussion:

Motion to Adjourn: Motion by: Brendon Binsfield Seconded by: John Smith Time: 18:10